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For whom?

Intensive Polish language courses offered by the Foreign Languages Centre are addressed to those who would like to begin their study programme, taught in Polish, at the University of Gdańsk or another higher education institution and also to those who are interested in learning the Polish language in an intensive way.

The aim of the courses

The aim of the courses is to prepare the participants to use the Polish language at B1 level, which is a prerequisite for starting study programmes taught in Polish.

At the end of each course, there will be an internal examination assessing the degree to which the specific language competences have been mastered. After successfully passing the examination, each participant will obtain a certificate proving that he/she has completed the course. 
The certificate will also confirm the knowledge of the Polish language.

Mastering practical knowledge of the Polish language will be accompanied by gaining knowledge about the reality of functioning in the higher education environment. Numerous workshops and theme classes will enable the participants to improve their editing skills concerning longer texts, taking notes and conducting official correspondence.
The courses will also prepare for public speaking and multimedia presentations.



The course is addressed to candidates with the knowledge of Polish at A2 level. The applicants will qualify for the course on condition that they successfully pass an on-line test as well as a conversation test (e.g. via skype communicator).

Course duration: July 8th – August 30th, 2019

Number of hours: 240 hours of classes; 5 days per week; 6 hours per day (1 hour = 45 min)

Applications must be submitted by June 6th, 2019.



The course is addressed to those who wish to start learning Polish from beginner level.

Course duration: October 1st, 2019 – June 30th, 2020

Number of hours: 600 hours of classes; 5 days per week; 4 hours per day (1 hour = 45 min)

Applications must be submitted by August 31st, 2019.


General information:

The courses will take place at the Foreign Languages Centre (Sopot, 119/121 Armii Krajowej Street).

The course will start on condition that at least 10 participants are enrolled.

The minimum age of the participant is 18 yrs. 

The Price:  - summer course - 4500 PLN

                    - two-semester course - 7000 PLN

The price includes the cost of a text book and educational materials.

The price does not include lodging and boarding.

The Foreign Languages Centre of the University of Gdańsk will not act as an intermediary with respect to dormitory room rentals.


Further information about the courses and enrollment:

Secretariat of the Foreign Languages Centre


phone: +48 58 523-11-54

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